Workshops I offer:

Sociocracy -

the art of facilitating Community

Most groups, organisations and businesses manage what they do with instructions and decision making down a heirarchy.  This has challenged new organisational thinking.


One alternative that many groups tried was "consent decision making".  Anyone who has been involved with this process will have found how slow it is and how one or two people can hijack and prevent great projects and ideas from happening.  

Sociocracy is a meeting methodology that provides structure to making decisions, selecting people for roles and for organising teams to work together without a top down heirarchy.  

The benefits of using Sociocracy are that everyone feels heard, bullying is not so easy and ideas get moved forward. 


The best outcome is the increased sense of community and feeling of working together towards a common goal.

Live the life of your dreams

Designing your life - drawing on the work from Stanford University, vision-boarding, clearing blocks and other tools to help you create the life of your dreams.

Creating Conscious Community

If your group or organisation would like a lively interactive workshop: "Creating Conscious Community - Tools for creating great communities and making decisions using Sociocracy".  Please contact me or fill in the form below.