Language and Community

October 16, 2017


What else can break down these barriers and prejudices that lead people to be able to treat others outside a certain community with such hatred and cruelty. It appeared obvious in 2017 in the election of Donald Trump who’s slogan was “Keeping America for Americans” that it is those in the less cosmopolitan states that vote more strongly for this viewpoint.  These same people will have less experience of others who are not like them.  Were they less educated or more conservative because of an older age range?  Were they feeling unheard or just desperate for change from some deeper urge. Is an increase in prejudice a normal part of aging as people have a tendancy to be less and less open to change.  Research has shown young children do not differentiate on the colour of the skin so this is a learnt behaviour.

Is it therefore language that creates prejudice? There is evidence that it is both language and social conditioning that leads to exclusivity.  It can be see in animals too, where it has been observed that it takes a long time for a herd of horses to accept a newcomer.


Does this prejudice therefore serve some sort of protective purpose for the species.  It is not long since we were living in clans or tribes, infact many people outside the western world still are.  If a sense of community is a fundamental need then it must serve some purpose and if the characteristic feelings between people in a community are trust and safety then this suggests that to rise above this fear that humans have of others who they don’t know is protective and likely to take many more generations to erase before there is a global community.


The sense of authentic community that rises above creed or colour and is a deeper and stronger feeling when people see each other every day is probably a stronger feeling than that experienced in a Facebook community.  The more often people experience the sensation of complete safety and acceptance the more I believe global peace will emerge.

One might question whether the characteristics of the community movement although inclusive will exclude many by their “non Mainstream” alternative nature.  It is probable that this group of “cultural creatives” as Dr Lipton calls them is increasing especially among Western women.

There are many common features and values that exist in common across many intentional or emergent communities now in existence and it is the tools and characteristics of these that will be explored here.


The disharmony caused by prejudices and beliefs is learnt in our early years when we are not conscious. As unlearning is not easy without great consciousness I believe it will be a slow process as new generations observe and learn to trust and feel safe in their childhood with all human beings.  Creating conscious communities and teaching mindfulness and other techniques to become more conscious and unlearn early programming of fear and lack of trust are vital to move humanity to this sense of community which embodies safety and acceptance for all.

Community exists at all levels – at the microscopic for example amongst our gut bacteria and at the macroscopic amongst the relationship between different galaxies. Our gut bacteria are very much part of who we are and they send unconscious information to both our heart and our brain and also receive it.  It is becoming more widely appreciated that our microbiome affects our health and its makeup is also affected by our thoughts feelings and our external environment, including our diet.  As we become more conscious and think more positive thoughts we become more healthy in our bodies and our bacterial community also becomes more healthy.  A person who is healthy and feeling positive recognises that they are responsible for creating the reality they are living and if they are not feeling connected they will make more effort to reach out and join and create communities.

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