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October 16, 2017


This is the first of a series of posts where I will look at the history and values of some of the communities around the world.  Starting with my favourite: Findhorn



Findhorn has grown into a large extended community of communities in the most unlikely of places in a remote corner of North East Scotland.

The Findhorn foundation that these days is the governing  and organizational body of the community and it is responsible for the community based on the beach in the village of Findhorn and for the large Cluny Hil Hotel in Forres about five miles away. 

In the area are many other communities and multiples of other people living in the area that are closely or loosely connected with the project.

The Foundation overseas the community using three guiding principles one of each that came from the three original founders. 

Findhorn was not an intentional community but evolved when Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean lost their positions of running the Cluny Hill Hotel.  With no income they moved to live in a caravan on the beach in the nearby village.

They were living by their three guiding principles:

Inner Listening – where whenever they had a question Eileen would attune to a deep knowing and then the others would follow her guidance.  Today they tune in during meetings and meditation is a regular aspect of life in the communities.

Work as Love in Action – they would do this as Peter explained by loving where you are, loving what you are doing and loving who you are doing it with.  Today they continue this practice in work teams that look after the kitchens and the gardens.  Before each shift the teams connect by holding hands, tuning into the moment and by sharing what is going on in their lives so they can be present for each other and for what needs to be done.

Co-Creation with the Intelligence of Nature – Dorothy was able to communicate with the plants and nature spirits and as they tried to grow a garden on the poor sandy soils they followed what nature suggested.  It was the impossibly large vegetables that they grew as a consequence of this guidance that, more than anything, attracted media attention and drew others to join the project.

In 1998 the New Findhorn Association of which the Foundation is a member overseas the eco-village aspects, community living and working , the training program and many other holistic businesses and charities.

The wider Findhorn community now includes over 5000 people living in the area. Linked by a shared commitment to Spiritual Guidance and caring for the planet.

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