Shamanic healing and Homeopathy

I have been in the healing profession for over 30 years and have learnt a lot about what sickness teaches us.  I still take some cases when it fits in my schedule. I practice in Matapouri in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Julia Alabaster has been a homeopath in Whangarei since 1998 . She is a Classical Homeopath with experience in treating many conditions, she also taught homeopathy for many years.

She says "Homeopathy is an elegant and effective healing methodology that deserves to be better known and respected." She has training in other therapies but it is with homeopathic treatment that she has seen the most dramatic healing.

The actual technique of homeopathy involves the the taking of pillules or drops of highly diluted remedies.  The scientific understanding of water having a liquid crystal structure and being able to carry information is proving what homeopaths have shown through experience.

Email me on julia.alabaster at to make a time.

Shamanic Healing

Julia did her Shamanic apprenticeship with Ross Heaven, author of many books on Shamanism, Ross also inspired her shamanic art. Julia offers Shamanic Healing work in the Public Trust Building, Whangarei if you want to contact her by phone.

She also run workshops incorporating Shamanic Journeying, Cacao Ceremonies and other tools to learn about yourself and your purpose in this lifetime.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing connects with nature and all of creation using ancient practices. The word shaman originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. For over 40 thousand years of human history, individuals practiced, learned, tested and passed down what 'works' from teacher to student what didn’t work work was eventually discarded, and what did work has been retained and become part of the current teachings.

Shamanic healing has a remarkably consistent array of practices throughout the indigenous cultures and tends to view the world in a similar way everywhere you find it.  Shamanism is sensitive to a spiritual, and non-physical reality, not the reality observed by the medical model.  The medical model sees one thing, and the shamanic model sees another. 


Medical physicians and shamanic practitioners conceive, observe and understand healing from two very different paradigms. In essence, they look for and find different things. And, in shamanism, it is by affecting the non-ordinary reality that change can then occur in our physical reality.

Consultations in Whangarei or Matapouri.  One hour energy balancing and journey work to help you heal, strengthen and revitalise your soul towards living your true purpose.