I dedicate my life to my Soul Purpose of bringing Planetary Wellness through Love and Creativity.  My desire is to do this through inspiring transformation and creating a Spiritual Retreat and a sense of Community.

I feel the calling of the ancestors to make the Earth Green again and live as a tribe with compassion for all life and remember to keep a deep daily connection.

About Julia Alabaster

Julia Alabaster is a qualified and practicing Dance teacher, Wuji Gong Tai Chi teacher, Homeopath and Shamanic Healer. ​She creates  artworks especially shamanic paintings and animal sculptures.  She teaches Ecstatic Awakening Dance both in classes and in workshops.

She lives in an Eco-village in Whangarei, New Zealand  and since 2014 Julia has been working in Greece part of the year in  a holistic workshop community based on Findhorn. Through her community experience she has become experienced in using Sociocracy to make consent decisions and also likes to share this practice. She is very interested in setting up a Spiritual Retreat Centre in Whangarei to share the magic of this way of life. Read her Blog about Living in Community.

Please feel welcome to contact me about any aspects of what I do.